Kalm Kitchen features MeadowFolk – 13th August 2016
13th August 2016
A Year Ago Today
15th October 2016
Its official. I can officially say now that I have grown flowers specifically for a wedding and then arranged with said flowers into wedding-flower table arrangements and two crates full of flowers. PHEW. Exciting. Amazing. Can’t-quite-believe it moment.
This growing-to-picking-to-arranging process is what I’ve been wanting to do for three years now, and now I can say that I have done it! Funnily enough, the venue for this wedding was a beautiful rustic old barn in Hampshire, near Whitchurch (where my granny used to live) called Clock Barn, and where I had helped out a Lovely Florist Lady do wedding flowers there two years ago. I remember walking into the venue and thinking I hadn’t seen anywhere more idyllic/rustic/magical. And how amazing it was to see the flower filled jam-jars we’d spent two days making in their final positions on the tables, tying all the other decorations together and making the room say ‘wedding party over here!’ Her choices of colour, and flower, were so romantic and delicate, with just the right amount of whimsical wildness. I was enchanted and so happy to be able to have learnt so much from her about wedding floristry in those few days!
We trundled from the outskirts of Guildford down to the venue and back again in the same day, and I so vividly remember telling Lovely Florist Lady how much I’d love to get into growing flowers to then use for weddings or events. Her advice was to go to America and see if I could learn from the Goddess of flower farming herself; she of Floret Flowers (look her up because she’s awesome and the flowers she grows are insanely beautiful and inspiring.) I didn’t end up taking her advice – taking advice is not really my forte – BUT I really did consider it. And then quickly chickened out. BUT it was enough to get me really seriously considering and researching flower farming in Britain. That Autumn I resigned from the brilliantly quirky florist shop I’d been working in for two years, the place where I’d learnt so much about flowers, and I began hunting for pastures new, literally, to start my very own flower farm.
And here I am, two years later. Creating flower arrangements for a wedding in the same beautiful venue as back then, this time on my own, and using flowers that I grew myself (about 85% I grew from seed). I did have to buy in some gorgeous Pink Piano roses, Clematis, a few Lisianthus and some bright pink Gladioli. But actually, judging from the left-overs in my garage/floristry workshop (so glamorous) I only used half of what I’d bought. So that means that roughly 95% of the flowers I used in the wedding creations today I actually grew on the flower farm. Which is a rather brilliant, proud-making moment that tells me I am now officially a real-deal flower farmer who arranges with the flowers she grows...HOORAY!