Hello, I’m Alice.

After graduating with a degree in Psychology I decided that floristry was really what I wanted to be doing; creating beautiful things and playing with colour combinations, surrounded by nature and being part of the changing seasons. It wasn’t until I became a freelance wedding and event florist three years ago, that I realised how much I loved growing flowers. I grew a few Zinnias from seed for a not-so-traditional take on harvest festival and was hooked. There’s something magical about planting a seed, watching it grow, and then using it in a flower creation that it was intended for all along.

Growing flowers specifically for a wedding gives me the ability to tailor-make something completely unique. If a bride wants Foxgloves, I can grow Foxgloves. If a bride only wants white flowers, then I will grow metres and metres of white flowers for her, no problem!

I’ve been a freelance wedding and event florist for 3 years now. Getting to know brides and grooms (and their mothers), guiding them through the often intimidating floral world, and opening their eyes to all the flowery possibilities there are. I love to create flowers in a country-wild, whimsical, naturalistic, meadow-esque style – retaining the flowers natural, delicate identity – making them look as if they’re still growing in the English meadow and hedgerow they’ve been picked from.

Quite simply, this is what I love to do. And I’m very excited about it all!


The flower farm is situated amongst beautiful rolling Hampshire hills between Stockbridge and Winchester on the outskirts of a small and ancient village called Little Somborne. The meadow is surrounded by arable farmland and neighbouring ancient Oak Park land where hurdle makers create fence panels from woven hazel twigs, one of the oldest professions in England. It couldn’t be a more perfect place for toiling the land, growing flowers, and marvelling at nature’s beauty.