First Impression Flowers
28th February 2017

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to be a part of BASH. A wedding fair for the ‘alternative’ brides – ones who want something different from the diamontes and the bright pink flowers. Those who are into seasonality, local produce and bohemian vibes. MeadowFolk ticked those boxes for that brief! The beauty and brains behind putting the fair together was Kimberly of who was adamant that the formal (and normal) layout of suppliers standing behind their display should be scrapped. Which meant that suppliers were free to mill around, and consumers could approach them, and visa versa, in a much more natural way - willy nilly.

This meant that if seasonal and boho creative vibes were your thing, then the whole event, and all the suppliers, were right up your street. But it also meant that the suppliers (most based in Surrey and Hampshire) had lots of things in common in terms of style, and excitement about the wedding industry. It reaffirmed my opinion that everyone working in the wedding industry are all (usually) creative, kind humans that genuinely care about making somebody else’s ‘big day’ the best it can possibly be. And, as it is International Women’s day, I’m going to talk about all the inspiring and creative and frankly pretty cool wedding industry ladies that I made friends with there. If you’re getting married in Surrey or Hampshire and haven’t quite decided on all the details for your wedding yet – then this one is for you!

If you’re a chocolate fiend like me then Choc & Truffle are your new best friends. Especially if you’re a lactard (like me!) As well as the normal chocolate, and variations such as sea-salt caramel truffles (drool). Choc and Truffle also create vegan, vegetarian – and so dairy free – chocolate. Which tastes like you would never know the difference. Which is an absolute JOY for me. And with Easter around the corner I’ll be ordering my fair share. And then some. Bye bye bikini body.

Harriot of Jemima Cakes is your go to girl if naked, or dip dye, or unicorn (SO cool!!) wedding cakes are your thing. Harriot also caters for those who are gluten AND lactose intolerant, which is sweet, cakey music to my ears! Hooray! Plus, she’s part of the boxer-dog-owner club too – which makes her immediately awesome. Find her on Instagram as jemima_cakes.

If you’re after something a little more delicate, then you’d love She hand paints whimsical and wonderful cakes. Honey cake filled with Swiss meringue butter cream and salted honey caramel decorated with a hand painted Bee. Need I actually say more? Well yes, I do, because this is a totally perfect idea for anyone becoming a Mrs B. because of Bee…B… gedit? Which may just happen to be me… one day...

Getting bored of the standard ‘chairs that need to be covered’ options – then hit up WedHead. This husband and wife power couple are the curators of amazing amounts of unique and beautiful furniture, from gorgeously romantic red velvet sofa sets, to the very modern and super sleek ‘Masters’ chairs to antique church pews. They really can bring something completely different to your wedding – if you’re someone (like me) who hates having anything the same as anyone! In fact, anything is possible – they have even made a moon for a bride who deemed it necessary for her wedding. Think Florence and the Machine ‘You’ve got the love’ music video for. Yep. Incredible! A styling service is also an option, with the lovely Anastasia - for those who want their wedding vision realised!

Jenny Owens Photography is just such a lovely lady. She has the wonderful ability of capturing light, dreamy photos that exude perfect moments of happiness. Even the shyest and most photograph-hating brides would feel at total ease with her. I can’t wait to work with her in the future, photographing models in wedding dressed wondering amongst the flower beds, holding bouquets I’ve just picked for them… dreamy!

Very talented Stationary designer Geri of Geri love Emi is an absolute gem of an illustrator. Championing intricate, nature inspired designs, she can create custom colours, and custom illustrations to fit with your colour scheme. Check out her ‘Majestic Woodland’ collection and look for the teeny weeny squirrels amongst the trees. Magical.

I was also lucky enough to meet some fellow Florists. It’s always lovely to meet people who are in the same profession as you. People may say ‘but that’s your competition!?!?!’ but actually, these ladies become automatic friends, because they totally just ‘get’ you. They feel the pain of chapped hands and 5am starts, and the joys of finding a bride that has total faith in your abilities and lets you completely go wild and do your own thing. They love flowers as much as you do. They love weddings as much as you do. And, for me, it’s a great opportunity to meet people that I can grow flowers on the Meadow for. I can grow things that they can’t find very easily from their supplier, but would love to use. Much like my boss at The Flower Shop bringing swathes of unusual and amazing flowers that I’d never seen before, and me being SUPER excited to arrange with them – I can help spread little bits of that creative excitement of rare and precious Flower treasure!

Liz at Rose Clover has a passion for plants, house plants to be specific, check out her selection, and bunches of flowers that she sells in Portsmouth.

Lisa of Lily Lupin is a local-to-the-flower-farm girl, and has already got her eye on a few of my Zinnias! Looking forward to showing her the Meadow and all the possibilities of things I can grow for her this summer

It is so important to surround yourself with inspiring people, for self-improvement, for support and for simple admiration. An easy thing to do when it comes to Wedding Industry lady folk – who are all focused and driven by the celebration of ‘being in love.’ Which is what it should all always be about anyway.